We Not Mimi




  • Our opponent Mimi Walters, an establishment career politician, only has two issues-- less than a page long in total-- on her website (see above). This speaks volumes about Walters’ lack of concern for us “little people”.
  • By contrast, Ron Varasteh has taken time to research various issues that concern us all and has written extensively about them here. Mimi Walters lacks leadership and the backbone to engage our constituents with all the issues that matter.

National Security

  • In our view, Waters’ blind pursuit of a hawkish foreign policy actually harms America’s national security by getting our country entangled in costly foreign misadventures and endless wars. It also winds up radicalizing many otherwise peaceful individuals across the world.
  • For example, Walters supported the Iraq War, which led to the creation of ISIS and destabilized the entire Middle East and beyond.
  • Another example is Walters’ opposition to the Iran deal, which actually enhanced US national security and the security of our allies in the Middle-East and around the world.
  • Instead of being quick to employ military force, we believe America should prioritize diplomacy and only use military force when all other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted.
  • In general, our approach to foreign policy prioritizes diplomacy while maintaining a robust deterrence and employing only small groups of commandos backed up by aerial reconnaissance when force is necessary.


Debt and Taxes

  • Although Walters claims she’s fiscally responsible, Walters has consistently supported bloated, unbalanced budget bills that include funding for wasteful military hardware, for large corporate welfare checks, and for big-money special interests which annually increase our national debt.
  • Ron’s pledge to our district is to pursue a fiscally responsible economic policy with the goal of balancing the budget and ultimately paying down our national debt. In doing so, smart budget cuts in military hardware should not be off the table.
  • Walters thinks the top 1% of income earners are being taxed too much. But actually the top 1% are paying less taxes than ever before. Everyone pulls their weight and they too must pay their fair share.
  • Ron plans to eliminate taxes for the middle-class (everyone’s first $125K) and offset our revenue loss by slightly increasing taxes on individuals making over $1.25M.
  • Mimi Walters is not working for WE the People. Instead, Walters is working for her Wall Street and Billionaire Class campaign contributors. See which industries are Walters' largest contributors here. For more issue-by-issue comparisons between Ron & Mimi, checkout our Ron v. Mimi section.





For an establishment, career-politician who has been in politics for over two decades, to have only two issues discussed on her campaign website speaks volumes as to how little Mimi Walters cares about us “little people”. Ron Varasteh, on the other hand, is passionate about policy and how it affects our community, as illustrated in the Issues section of our campaign website.


Not only does our opponent lack the backbone to take an Independent stand, but Walters also doesn't exhibit the leadership or initiative expected of a Congressional representative. It’s clear that she is reluctant to actively engage with her constituents on a variety of important  issues.


Notice in the screen-shot above how there are only two issues listed under her “issues” tab, and even after clicking these issues there is very little written about these two topics. We also took screenshots of each issue page to illustrate how much empty white space there is on Walters’ website (see below). Finally, we discovered that some of the content on these issue pages was written before Walters began her freshman year in US Congress two years ago. These older issues may have been relevant to the state-level position Walters previously held, but they are no longer relevant and only serve to indicate how little effort Walters has put into engaging with her constituents on important issues.


Nevertheless, Walters did take some time to write about a couple of issues-- national security and “debt and taxes”-- so it’s important that we provide everyone with our response to her positions. 

National Security



With respect to her stance on national security, we strongly disagree with Walter’s approach to foreign policy, which doesn’t even mention the word diplomacy. In general, we favor diplomacy over endless war, and believe that military action should only be used if all other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. Walters also criticizes America’s “failed foreign policies on Iran” a reference to the deal America reached with Iran to curb that country’s nuclear program. On this issue we also strongly disagree. In our view, the Iran deal actually enhanced US national security the security of our allies in the Middle-East and beyond. For more details about our position on these type of issues, please see our foreign policy and defense section.


In her national security section, Walters  also criticizes those individuals who she describes as "incapable of understanding" the threats facing the United States. With all due respect, however, we believe it's actually Mimi Walters who lacks a thorough understanding of national security. In particular, we believe that many of America’s recent foreign policy blunders were caused by individuals such as Walters who have blindly pursued a hawkish approach to foreign policy, or what Walters calls "an aggressive frontal approach."


Although military force is sometimes necessary, it should be the last resort after diplomacy and other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. In fact, we believe that blindly pursuing a hawkish foreign policy actually jeopardizes our national security and gives our enemies more ammunition to radicalize otherwise peaceful individuals across the world. Instead of turning greater numbers of people against us, it’s imperative that we take a smarter approach to foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy while maintaining a robust deterrence  and employing only small groups of commandos backed up by aerial reconnaissance when necessity calls for the use of force.


On her national security page, Walters further states that she "voted to increase the pay for our troops." The problem with this statement, however, is that Walters fails to mention that this vote was actually part of a fiscally irresponsible National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that constitutes over 54% of our national budget and includes funding for wasteful military hardware such as the F-35 project, an enormously costly airplane that both the Air Force and Navy have said is unnecessary.


It bears mentioning that Ron highly values our military and believes the men and women of the armed forces should be well-compensated. He also believes it's crucial that our heroes and veterans are well taken care of. As such, he believes that instead of blindly pursuing a hawkish foreign policy America should avoid needless casualties and costly boots-on-the-ground conflicts. Instead, we need to start prioritizing diplomacy over endless wars. That is the probably the best way to show our gratitude towards America’s brave soldiers.


A prime example of Mimi's flawed approach to foreign policy is her support of the Iraq War, a costly disaster that helped create ISIS. Mimi Walters and other misguided war-hawks rushed headlong into war in 2003 based on unconfirmed evidence of WMD in Iraq, a country which didn’t have any connection to the 9/11 attacks.. Then in 2017, America was forced by the newly formed government of Iraq to withdraw even though the security situation in the region had gravely deteriorated. This left a power vacuum for former Iraqi military leaders (most of whom were armed and trained by America) to form an "Islamic State" with Syrian anti-Assad forces (who also received arms and training from America). Needless to say, this was a recipe for disaster.


Debt and Taxes



Although "Debts and Taxes" is a clever title for the half-page of information Walters provides about these major issues, the unfortunate truth is that Walters isn’t working to lower our debt or lower middle-class taxes. Walters says that "Americans are taxed too much," but we believe this is only partially true. Historically, the top 1% were taxed at a considerably higher rate than they are now, and as rates for the ultra-rich have decreased the middle-class has been forced to shoulder a disproportionate burden of our fiscal revenues.This is simply unfair. America’s law and tax code should not be designed to give favors to the ultra-rich or large corporations. That’s why our approach to tax reform eliminates taxes on the middle-class and reduces the tax and regulatory burden on small businsses.


Our tax reform proposal, called the “residual income” plan, will eliminate taxes on everyone’s first $125,000 of income. As a result, the top 1% will once again be required to pay their fair share and the middle-class will no longer be disproportionately burdened. We believe this approach is the right thing to do from a moral perspective and the responsible thing to do from a fiscal perspective.


Walters is wrong when she says that "debt is a spending problem, not a tax problem." On the contrary, our fiscal dilemma can only be responsibly resolved by looking at our fiscal and economic system as a whole. In order to balance the budget, we need to slightly increase taxes on individuals earning over $1.25 million; close tax loopholes which allow multinational corporations to avoid taxes by transferring their income overseas; eliminate taxes on the middle-class; and make smart budget cuts, such as unnecessary military hardware programs and other wasteful expenses.


At the same time, it’s crucial that we kick-start economic growth and boost consumption by putting more disposable income in the hands of consumers. This is why it’s so important to eliminate the tax burden on middle-class families. Many hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet, and having extra cash will allow us to start saving, investing, and buying the goods and services we really need. As a consequence, consumer spending will increase, jobs will be created, and the economy will start growing again. It’s time for Congress to start working for everyone, not just the ultra-rich or large multinational corporations.


Unfortunately, our opponent Mimi Walters has consistently supported legislation that favors large corporations and special interests-- particular those she receives campaign contributions from. Although she claims on her webiste that she rejects "Washington’s status quo of more spending and more debt," Walters hasn't done much to show it.


In fact, the real story is quite the opposite. Walters has a track record of approving bloated budget bills that hand out goodies to large corporate donors and other moneyed special interests. In addition to supporting wasteful military hardware programs in the NDAA, Mimi voted in favor of the 2016 budget deal, which Senator Tom Cotton (R­-Arkansas) described as "rotten to its core” because “corporate lobbyists had a field day, but working Americans lost out.” According to Reuters, Democrats also criticized the budget deal, saying that it would “give more aid to large corporations and wealthy business owners than to working families.”


In the same article, Reuters said the budget “agreement” was actually rammed downed America’s throat by establishment party leaders: “Conservatives complained that Republican leaders agreed on the bill’s spending and tax provisions behind closed doors and then rushed the bill through the Senate.” The Fiscal Times was also critical, saying: “It’s a good thing Paul Ryan grew a beard because he’s playing Santa Claus this year by giving out $1.1 trillion in gifts for just about everyone wrapped up in a massive Omnibus bill.”


As a small business owner for over 30 years, Ron knows it’s important to cut unnecessary expenses in order to make ends meet. Any business-person knows that cost-cutting starts by looking at the largest expenses and finding ways to cut out waste in those areas.In our national budget, defense spending is the largest expense, comprising around 54% of the total budget. So it’s crucial that we carefully consider which military expenses are unnecessary.


There are certain military expenses, such as the disastrous and costly F-35 project, that both the Air Force and Navy have said are a waste. However, Mimi Walters and other irresponsible people in Congress refuse to even consider making cuts to the military budget. How can Walters call herself a fiscally responsible Representative if she refuses to do anything about wasteful military spending? Ron Varasteh believes it’s imperative that we eliminate unnecessary military hardware and other wasteful expenses from our budget.


Ron also pledges to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare. Although he is not very fond of ObamaCare, Ron will work with like-minded individuals in Congress to implement Universal Healthcare-- starting with a public option that can be offered side-by-side in competition with private insurance on each states’ Health Insurance marketplace.


Our opponent, Mimi Walters, is not working for WE the People. Instead, Walters is working for her Wall Street and Billionaire Class campaign contributors. See which industries are Walters' largest contributors here, and for more issue by issue comparisons between Ron & Mimi, checkout our Ron v. Mimi section.