Waste in Government

In order for our society to function properly we need certain institutions of government. However, our government must be responsible, efficient, and must use taxpayers’ money wisely. It’s no secret that certain parts of government aren’t running efficiently and even wasting taxpayer money. 

This problem isn’t unique to America, but that doesn’t mean shouldn’t do something about it. As a leader in the global community we must set a good example for other countries by making sure our government is efficient and responsive to the people.
To achieve this goal, we need to ensure that robust auditing and oversight mechanisms are in place. Wasteful spending must be cut, and inefficiencies must be tackled head-on. In this regard, we must consider the budget of all government organs and shouldn’t be afraid to cut spending when it’s necessary. There are no sacred cows, and every institution of our government must be held accountable to the taxpayers.
As a congressman, I will draft legislative proposals designed to promote efficient government and join congressional committees that are working on this issue. I will also ensure that any committees or tasks which I’m responsible for are accountable to the public.

My opponent, Mimi Walters, has done nothing for our district or our nation for that matter to help reverse this dangerous trend. She has been in US Congress and California Senate and Assembly for more than a decade overseeing the takeover of our beloved country by these special interests. Government can grow bigger, as long as it is helping her special interest campaign contributors. Once more, she is not working for WE the People. Instead, she is working for her Wall Street and Billionaire Class campaign contributors. See which industries are Walters' largest contributors here!

Walters’ Voting/Support Record:

  • YES on bigger government for her special interests campaign contributors
  • YES on protecting subsidies and tax-breaks granted to large businesses
  • NO on ending oil subsidies and ending tax-breaks for large businesses
  • NOT standing up for WE the People

Varasteh’s Congressional Pledge:

  • Restore WE the People’s government back to her rightful owners
  • Election finance reform/Money out of politics
  • Keep corporations and unions out of elections
  • Lobbyist transparency
  • Bill transparency
  • Leaner government by eliminating earmarks, loopholes, and subsidies
  • Protect whistleblowers
  • Reform subsidies and tax-breaks granted to large businesses
  • Reform regulations that choke small and medium businesses from starting and growing
  • Standing up for WE the People
  • Not for sale