Reclaim Democracy

Official Event

Amend the Constitution; Corporations are Not People, and Money is Not Speech

Join your fellow concerned citizens from around Southern California as we kick-off a grass-roots national campaign to end Corporate and Union "Personhood". Already, 200+ cities and townships have passed resolutions and state laws that formally reject the Citizens United decision that has formalized Corporate and Union Personhood.

Citizens's United is a Supreme Court decision that has given Corporations and Unions the EXPLICIT status of "personhood". The Court ruled that because Corporations are PEOPLE, and money is a form of FREE SPEECH, then any move to limit their political contributions is a violation of the First Amendment. The REALITY is that because Money is Free Speech, then those who lack money are now officially LESS VALUABLE.

This event is both an informational and strategic planning event where our COALITION will be coming together. There are 13+ organizations from across the political spectrum who are participating.

We will: - Watch a brief documentary on the subject called "Priceless" - Listen to a speech from the preminent activist and scholar, John M. Goodman, on the detrimental effects of Corporate/Union Personhood on our democracy - Have break out sessions to plan future events in coordination with national groups like: Common Cause, MoveToAmed, and Public Citizen

June 09, 2012 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
The Irvine Ranch Water District Headquarters
15600 Sand Canyon Ave
Irvine, CA 92618
United States
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