PACs & Super-PACs

Instead of doing their job, our representatives in Congress must spend the majority of their time raising money for elections. And the vast majority of this money comes from around 150 wealthy individuals. So rather than listening to their constituents or the American people, congress will clearly pay more attention to the needs of this wealthy elite. In my opinion, that is the very definition of oligarchy. And that-- along with Citizens United-- is what is destroying our democracy.

Ever since the disastrous Citizens United decision, corporations can join wealthy individuals in donating unlimited sums of money to PACs. Although PACs must disclose their donors, wealthy individuals can hide their identities by setting up a shell corporation and then having the corporation make donations on their behalf. As a result, even if we prohibit individuals from donating directly to political campaigns they will still have an outsized influence on the political process unless we overturn Citizens United.

Another reason why it's essential that we overturn Citizens United is that corporations aren't necessarily looking out for the best interests of our communities, the environment, or the middle class. By law, corporations are required to give highest priority to the interests of their shareholders. So if the shareholders of a corporation are best served by wreaking havoc on the environment, then executives of that corporation have no choice but to compel the corporation to take such destructive actions.

In short, it's clear that we need to overturn Citizens United and overhaul America's campaign finance system. How can this be done? Citizens United can be overturned by the Supreme Court, but that could take a long time. However, if we elect enough forward-thinking people to Congress they can pass laws that not only unwind the destructive effects of Citizens United, but also clean up our campaign finance system so that Congress is no longer beholden to a small circle of wealthy donors.

Therefore, to save our democracy, we must elect representatives who will fight to overhaul America's broken campaign finance system. As your congressman, I will make this my top priority. It's time for Congress to start legislating in favor of all Americans-- not corporations, special interests, or the 150 richest people. It's time for our politicians to start working for everyone. For WE the people.

My opponent, Mimi Walters, has done nothing for our district or our nation for that matter to help reverse this dangerous trend. She has been in US Congress and California Senate and Assembly for more than a decade overseeing the takeover of our beloved country by these special interests. Government can grow bigger, as long as it is helping her special interest campaign contributors. Once again, she is not working for WE the People. Instead, she is working for her Wall Street and Billionaire Class campaign contributors. See which industries are Walters' largest contributors here!

Walters’ Voting/Support Record:

  • YES on bigger government for her special interests campaign contributors
  • YES on protecting subsidies and tax-breaks granted to large businesses
  • NO on ending oil subsidies and ending tax-breaks for large businesses
  • NOT standing up for WE the People

Varasteh’s Congressional Pledge:

  • Restore WE the People’s government back to her rightful owners
  • Election reform/Money out of politics
  • Keep corporations and unions out of elections
  • Lobbyist transparency
  • Bill transparency
  • Leaner government by eliminating earmarks, loopholes, and subsidies
  • Protect whistleblowers
  • Reform subsidies and tax-breaks granted to large businesses
  • Reform regulations that choke small and medium businesses from starting and growing
  • Standing up for WE the People
  • Not for sale