Mimi Allegedly Dumps Trump

After weeks of waffling, there are now unconfirmed reports that Mimi Walters has finally renounced her support for Donald Trump. Given her advocacy on behalf of sexual assault victims, it's puzzling as to why Mimi took so long to make this decision. Nevertheless, if these reports are true we applaud her for taking a stand against people who assault, denigrate, and disrespect women. We hope that Mimi uses this unfortunate episode as an opportunity to raise awareness about sexual assault.

Ron Varasteh's Op-Ed in Voice of OC

Ron Varasteh's op-ed published in the Voice of OC questions why the OC Register decided to endorse Mimi Walters despite her close ties with the Republican establishment and big-money donors. Ron doesn’t take marching orders from either party or billionaire campaign contributors. Find out more about Ron’s plans to get money out of politics here at our issues page.

Ron calls on Mimi to Renounce Trump

Despite Mimi Walter's advocacy on behalf of sexual assault victims, she has continued to support Donald Trump even after his outrageous comments were released on videotape. Ron Varasteh is pressing Mimi to take and stand by renouncing her support and official endorsement of Mr. Trump. See our press release here.


16 Yr-Old Creates Money & Politics App

A potentially game-changing app designed to reduce the influence of big-money donors on politics was recently developed by Nick Rubin, a high school student who created this free app when he was age 16.

The new software is actually a browser plug-in called Greenhouse-- a name that symbolizes the pervasive influence of money on politicians in both houses of Congress. When internet surfers hover over a politician’s name, a window appears which shows how much money that politician has received and from which industries. The goal is to raise awareness about how our political system has become dependent on big-money donors, and therefore politicians tend to legislate in favor of wealthy donors instead of the people. Hopefully this app will encourage people to vote for candidates like Ron who want to curb the influence of money in politics. See this Vice article for more info, and you can download the browser extension at

Money In Politics

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