I believe that K through 12 educations should be available to each and every American citizen. In fact it’s a basic human right. No human should be denied the right to learn. Higher public academic/trade education should also be available at no charge to all Americans that wish to pursue further education. If a student wants to earn a degree in order to be a more productive and contributing citizen, then nothing should stand in his/her way to achieve such a goal. Most people don’t come from a privileged upbringing and cost for higher learning can be prohibitive. Not everyone can easily afford private education. This is why public education is so valuable.

My opponent, Walters, has been consistent with her votes against public education whenever she has been given the chance in Congress and California Senate and Assembly. She is not working for the best interests of the students and parents of our district. With high unemployment numbers in our district, education is now more important than ever. People need to learn new skills in order to get the new jobs the market is now demanding from them. Walters is not standing up for WE the People.

WaltersVoting Record:

  • NO on pro-public education bills
  • YES on anti-public education bills
  • NOT standing up for WE the People

Varasteh’s Congressional Pledge:

  • Education is a human right
  • Pro-public education
  • Access to attainable higher education
  • Standing up for WE the People
  • Not for sale