Many barriers faced by small businesses vis a vis their larger counterparts are a product of our crony-capitalist system. This means we must also address big picture issues such as the power that lobbyists and moneyed special interest have over Congress. For example, the law governing fracking operators was influenced by big money interests. As a result, fracking corporations can avoid oversight by both the EPA and state environmental regulators. Small businesses, on the other hand, must comply with all applicable federal and state environmental regulations. This simply isn't fair, and it's time for Congress to clean up its own act. As your congressman, I will take a comprehensive approach so that businesses are relieved of unnecessary burdens and our political system is freed from undue influence by in Washington lobbyists.

The so called job-creators have been enjoying some of the lowest tax rates in nearly a century. In fact, statistics indicate that the rich are getting richer and the middle-class are getting poorer. When President Reagan was faced with a smaller recession than the one we are facing now, he raised taxes on the top earners 11 times during the 8 years of his presidency. Majority of the Republicans, including my opponent Mimi Walters, have offered little to nothing to spur job growth beyond the same old canards. This must change. We must move forward on an effective and fair jobs bill such as the Budget for All bill.

My opponent, Walters, has done nothing for our district or our nation for that matter to help create more jobs; jobs that our communities, our state, and our country so badly need in this fragile stage of the Great Recession. Once again, she is not standing for WE the Peopleshe is standing for special interest Wall Street and Billionaire Class campaign contributors. See which industries are Walters' largest contributors here!

Walters’ Voting/Support Record:

  • NO on all jobs bills proposed
  • NOT standing up for WE the People

Varasteh’s Congressional Pledge:

  • Support effective and fair jobs bills such as Congressional Progressive Caucus' "Budget for All"
  • WE the People must maintain our crucial infrastructure for commerce
  • Reform subsidies and tax-breaks granted to large agricultural businesses
  • Reform regulations that choke small and medium agricultural businesses from starting and growing
  • Reform offshore tax havens laws
  • Standing up for WE the People
  • Not for sale